therapy session

What makes a great therapy session?

“A good book …leaves you wanting to reread the book. A great book compels you to reread your soul.” (Flanagan 2014,  p.28)
The parallels can be drawn to a great therapy session, one that invites us to re-view our lives and reread our souls.

Therefore to ensure the refinement of therapeutic skills, dedicated practitioners engage in the ongoing examination of their knowledge and practices.  Here is a (work in progress) checklist that I reflect upon, for your perusal:

  • When people make the brave decision to see a practitioner, what does this say about their commitments and principles?
  • How do I ensure that I meet the person or family before I meet the grips of problem?
  • How am I expressing my commitment in believing that adults, families, young people, children, schools, communities are not the problem; the problem is the problem?
  • In what way do I fine tune my listening and notice people are seldom passive to challenges and hard times; they are often responding to what they give value to?
  • Who are our allies and people outside of the therapy room that might advocate and support the ongoing positive therapeutic outcomes?
  • What do I need to respect about the problem that brings people into the therapy room; and how have they resisted the grips of the problem thus far?
  • Am I being open to the exchange of knowledge and expertise from the people I am privileged to consult?
  • Do the people I meet have ownership and agency over their stories? Am I supporting the re-writing of the scripts ascribed upon their identities?
  • Are my therapeutic questions demonstrating care, respect and manners?
  • How do I stay aware of my own blind spots?
  • What are the changes people hope to continue experiencing by engaging in therapy?
  • What would people hope I value or appreciate about the environment they are immersed within? How will therapy assist in meeting challenging environments?
  • Am I creating an enriched and creative environment for people to discover new ideas?
  • In what way do I promote the power of a small spark?

Please feel free to add more questions that continue to support the professional development of practitioners who are dedicated in engaging – not just good work, but great work…

Sek Beckett

therapy session