What are telehealth sessions and how to make the most of them at NorthPsych?


Telehealth refers to the use of communication technologies to deliver health services, for example, seeing your GP via a video call. In light of COVID-19, the Australian Government has expanded Medicare-subsidised telehealth services for all Australians and is providing extra incentives.

All of our amazing NorthPsych psychologists are working from home, and although this is new for our Lindfield psychology practice, we’re excited to provide the same therapy, support and advice but in new ways!

When you make your next booking, you will have a choice of speaking with us via telephone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, the choice is yours.

We know that starting therapy over telehealth might feel a little strange, so here are some things to remember:

While a quiet and private location is best, we understand that for a lot of people who’ve had their kids at home 24/7 since lockdown started, “quiet” and “privacy” are long distant memories of the past. We’re flexible and we’ll make things work even if your 8 year old comes in with gum stuck in their hair, or if your dog knocks over your cup of tea mid session. The NorthPsych psychologists are well trained at rolling with the punches.

Fast internet and good phone reception make things easier for a telehealth appointment, but we also understand that not all houses are blessed with these things. Or maybe they are, but other members of the household won’t stop eating up bandwidth with YouTube and Minecraft. We’ll work with your situation to find the best telehealth method, and we can switch it up if the situation requires. If you know there is a place in your house with better wifi or phone reception, this might make a good location for your telehealth session (assuming it hasn’t already been turned into a pillowfort by children or cabin fevered adults).

At our lovely office in Lindfield, our reception staff and psychology interns love to make people a cup of tea or coffee, and get them a biscuit, to help them feel comfortable before their session starts. As we sadly aren’t able to do that right now, have a think about what things might make you feel warm, comfortable and prepared for your therapy session. If you’re the kind of person who likes to take notes, then have some pen and paper with you. If you find it soothing to cuddle a pet while you talk about hard things, then have your cat or dog (or ferret, or iguana) with you for your session.

Staying at home all day has led most of us to be on our devices a bit more than usual, so check you’ve got a decent battery percentage or a charger nearby for your session. Few things are more annoying than when your phone dies during something important.

Remember, we are all in this together, so if you’re feeling lost, confused or unsure on what to do right now chances are your neighbour is too!
We can’t wait to be back in our Lindfield psychology practice, but, until then we are committed to providing the same quality support from our smart devices.

The NorthPsych Team