Sundeep Singh Clinical Psychologist

Sundeep Singh Dadabai

Clinical Psychologist

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Sundeep Singh Dadabai-Clinical Psychologist

Sundeep Singh Dadabai(Sunny) is a Clinical Psychologist whose qualifications include Bachelor of Medical Science, Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies, Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology (with Distinction) and Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology). He is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, having been inducted in 2010.

In addition to private practice, Sundeep is also currently employed as a specialist psychologist within a NSW Government agency. Prior to his current role, he worked within NSW Health and NSW child protective services. He has extensive experience in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders, ADHD/ODD, mood disorders, hoarding disorder and PTSD in children, adolescents and adults.

He also has experience assessing and treating individuals who suffered traumatic brain injuries presenting with comorbid psychological disorders. Furthermore, he also has extensive experience working with parents/carers in addressing parenting issues they may be experiencing and helping them develop skills through reparative parenting.

His experience in this context also extends to addressing attachment issues arising from traumatic life experiences. He has co-facilitated the Reparative Parenting Program, which was originally developed by the Alternative Care Clinic within Red Bank House at Westmead Children’s Hospital. Sundeep has extensive experience in relation to administering a variety of psychometric assessments to gauge cognitive, adaptive and functional levels of both children and adults.

Sundeep Singh Dadabai views the scientist-practitioner model as the cornerstone of psychological practice, and as such is firmly committed to using evidence based approaches to assessing and treating mental health issues. Whilst Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is the principle treatment approach utilised by him, in order to ensure best therapeutic outcomes, where appropriate, Sundeep integrates approaches such as Mindfulness, elements of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema- Therapy and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy into treatment.

Sundeep Singh Dadabai offers appointments on Sundays only, and is currently conducting all appointments via telehealth.