Tracey Wright Clinical Psychologist

Dr Tracey Wright

Clinical Psychologist

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Tracey Wright  has been a registered psychologist since 2006 and is currently a Clinical Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society. She is experienced working with children and adults across a range of issues including anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, relationship issues, drug and alcohol problems, eating disorders and other adjustment issues.

She uses a variety of theoretical approaches including cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and narrative therapy.

Tracey’s qualifications include a BA (Psych), MA (Health Science), MA (Clinical Psychology) and a PhD. She completed her PhD in 2009 investigating the impact of time limitation upon therapy.

She has also worked at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre as a Senior Research Officer, at Sydney University as an Associate Lecturer and as a counsellor at the national ‘Violence Against Women: Australia Says No’ campaign helpline.

She has presented at numerous national and international conferences and published in the field.

Tracey’s clinical approach and inspiration is focused on seeing the significant changes that clients can undergo throughout their time in therapy, which is something she values deeply in her work. She is also very interested in capturing resilience and utilising the strengths that clients bring to bear upon the problems they are struggling with.

Tracey Wright is available for appointments on Wednesdays and Thursdays .