Exercise by prescription Q&A – meet Longevity, one of our partners


Why does our partnership make perfect sense? Longevity’s team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists prescribe bespoke exercise as medicine for both the treatment and prevention of disease particularly mental health, by working together for a collaborative approach to treating and managing mental health issues.

As part of a treatment plan research shows us that exercise can make a positive difference to people suffering from most mental health conditions, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, autism, trauma, eating disorders. As a long-term strategy, it is also prevention for life style related diseases (you can see more here).

Here’s a testimonial from one of their clients:

“A few years ago a medical professional ordered me to the gym. I had to develop strategies for the long term management of chronic illness. Jarrat impressed me at our first meeting with his calm, non-judgemental reaction to my comment that I really didn’t like those machines (hand wave towards treadmills, bikes, cross trainers) and wasn’t all that keen on weights.

Then, as he became an integral part of my health management team, gradually and gently supporting me through a painful and stressful episode of my life, I realized I had accidentally stumbled upon a real gem. To cut a long story short, under Jarrat’s tutelage I have undergone a transformation.

Before I commenced training with him I was someone who considered one Pilates class a week adequate to maintain physical fitness, was highly suspicious of any exercise with a cardio component and never engaged in strenuous activity without a personal trainer present.

Now I incorporate exercise into my daily routine, participate in organized running events and embrace physical fitness as a key strategy for maintaining physical and psychological health. How did this happen? At first I was sure Jarrat was hypnotizing me. But after some time I realized he has that rare ability few teachers possess – to instill enough confidence, motivation and belief in their student that they will embrace the subject beyond the classroom.”

What to expect – Q&A

In order for us to understand exactly what we were recommending to our clients, Eloise and Belinda (NorthPsych – Admin team) both went along and did a session with Longevity.

“The gym itself is conveniently located just 2 minutes from us, behind Coles inside ‘The Hive’ gym. The gym was very quiet when we were there, Longevity have their own space inside the gym and I personally liked the fact that the walls were NOT big mirrors!

Jack was really mindful about the fact that I had already told him I don’t like high impact exercise nor do I enjoy going to the gym and he tailored my session to suit me perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised that at the end of the session I felt good, not self-conscious at all and I had enjoyed the session, it was completely different to my perception of being in the gym.

It was interesting for us to see how different my session was to Belinda’s, who does enjoy a higher impact style of exercise, our sessions were completed individual, I would definitely go back.”  Eloise

Your first session will include a thorough consultation. It is a one on one and completely tailored to your individual needs, in context with your full medical history.

For all our clients Longevity and NorthPsych will have a completely professional and confidential referral system to work together to create a bespoke treatment plan.

It is also good to know that with a GP referral your first 5 sessions are covered by Medicare with no gap. Exercise Physiology is also covered by most Health Funds. *(depending on your individual cover)

What is the difference between a Personal Trainer and an Exercise Physiologist?

Personal Trainers are fitness professionals and most are certificate 4 qualified.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals. All longevity Exercise Physiologists, have a minimum 4-year University qualification. Exercise physiologists are experts in exercise prescription. That means they provide exercise that is specific to your complete health picture. This means taking into account all current medical conditions, history and physical fitness capability.

They are registered with Medicare, DVA, Private Health Funds and WorkCover NSW (you can see more here).

Some interesting Statistics…..

17.4% of Australians participate in gym-based fitness activities

66% of Australians are overweight or obese with this projected to increase to 80% by 2020.

Exercise can play an important role not just in the management of a mental health condition but also prevent the development of secondary conditions such as cardiovascular disease, weight gain, and obesity-related diseases such as diabetes. *National Institute of Mental Health Review abstract.

The Longevity team are committed to helping the 83.6% of Australians who DON’T use the gym to find it more accessible, comfortable and enjoyable.

It is our vision to change Australia’s attitude to life, death and disease through exercise (you can see more here)

How to get started…

Speak to reception to make a booking with Longevity. Or book directly via the website: https://northpsych.com.au/partners/.

Longevity are happy to meet you at the NorthPsych practice for an informal chat before you begin.
Phone: 1300 964 002
Email: info@longevitypt.com.au
Website: www.longevitypt.com.au.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/longevityptau
Instagram: @longevityptau