Teacher resilience workshop

Teacher Resilience Workshop ( July 19)

Diana Paton

July 19 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Teacher Resilience Workshop ( July 19)


Promoting Teacher Resilience: A resilience skill-building workshop for school staff

Facilitated by Lorraine Cushing-Kleber.

Aim of the workshop:
  • Provide participants with specific resilience-building skills.
  • Increase the mental health, well-being and work-life balance of teachers.
  • Decrease teacher stress by promoting stress management and self-care skills.
Teacher Resilience Workshop

Professional demands and stress have a negative impact on teachers’ personal and professional lives. This workshop will focus on building resilience in adults through strength-based practices and will introduce participants to specific resilience-building skills and cognitive behavioural strategies that can help make a significant difference in the health, wellness and resilience of adults who work in schools.

Why provide this training for teachers?

With the emphasis in schools on student care and early intervention, teachers are increasingly involved in the intervention of young people’s psychosocial health, as well as being first responders in student crises. Teachers identify that they find this work rewarding and strive to maintain their compassion and care. Teachers are also often witness to stories of distress and trauma, and experience burn out in large numbers, yet provided little training or professional development in how to care for themselves.

A bit about your facilitator

Lorraine is a Registered Psychologist, teacher and trainer with many years of experience in schools in Australia, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland as a School Psychologist, Head of Department, Year Coordinator and classroom teacher. She provides a range of training for teachers, students and school staff and is currently completing her PhD research project in teacher well-being.


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