Education Outreach Consultancy

What is Education Outreach Consultancy

Education Outreach is a service which assesses your child’s educational environment and looks at how he or she currently interacts with their peers and teachers. It then recommends adjustments which will account for differences in learning style, and offer evidence-informed strategies to assist your child in achieving at school.

Why might your child benefit from an Education Outreach Consultant
  • If they are having trouble engaging with the curriculum.
  • If they are having trouble managing their emotional reactions and behaviour in school.
  • If they are experiencing difficulty managing sensory impacts in school.
  • If the child’s increasing anxiety is obviously directly linked to being in school and this changes their behaviour and general wellbeing.
  • If school-refusal or social isolation is an issue for your child.
  • If bullying and teasing is a regular occurrence.
  • Do they ask why they do not have friends at school.
  • If they have difficulty focusing and maintaining interest at school.
  • Meltdowns and emotional outbursts when they come home from school.
  • Aggression and abusive behaviour escalating in the home and/or school.
  • Frequent detention and/or suspension.
  • If the transition from one school to another (e.g. pre-school to K, Yr 6 to Yr 7, Yr 12 to post-school) is a worry.
What happens in an Education Outreach Consultancy session and how will it benefit my child

There are three sections to the consultation process which will usually take a day to complete – although your child is only involved for a maximum of two hours and he or she is usually unaware of what is happening. The aim is to observe as near normal behaviours as possible.

  • The Education Outreach Consultant will observe your child in the classroom for a session (primary) or 2 periods (secondary) observing how they function. Primary focuses for observation are changes in behaviour because of unwanted stimuli, the child’s reactions to changing demands in the classroom, and their capacity to engage successfully with the curriculum content.
  • This observation is followed by a case conference with all stakeholders (school, family and therapists) to discuss goals, strengths and differences and concerns. The consultant will then propose strategies which might help the child manage their own behaviour. These will be supported by resources which will help the school staff implement the strategies discussed.
  • A final summative report will be written. This report suggests strategies in an evidence-based framework, directly addressing the student’s needs. It will provide guidelines for the family and school on appropriate strategies and processes to be followed to support the child, both academically and emotionally (Positive Behaviour Support).

An Education Outreach Consultant works to relieve tension, inform stakeholders and establish a consistent, fair and positive approach to your child’s experience at school.

Kathie Lane

Education Outreach Consultant

You are welcome to download our info sheet on Education Outreach here.

Education Outreach Consultancy