Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone


8th November 2016 2:15pm – by Dr Ashlen San Ng


Ever chosen to stay home and watch Netflix over going to that party?

Or called in sick rather than face a problem at work? Held your tongue and stewed inside instead of being assertive? I can’t see you right now but I can sense some knowing nods through the screen as we speak.


Challenges often come with uncomfortable feelings – anxiety, fear, frustration, insecurity, uncertainty…

To name a few. Most of us don’t particularly enjoy these, but if you’re in the habit of avoiding these feelings, chances are you stay well away from situations that bring them on.

In other words: staying in the Comfort Zone.

This is very human – probably the default setting for the majority of people since we are wired to run away from danger and all that.

Problem is, doing this too much – especially for things that really are not dangerous in that it will kill you sort of way, starts to make you feel stuck, stagnant, closed in and defeated by life. Ironically, the comfort zone is not that comfortable.


When was the last time you challenged yourself – a little or a lot? How did it feel before, during, and then after? What did doing this thing say about you?

If you can’t actually remember the last time, think of something that kind of scares you that maybe you’ve procrastinated for a while now… it could be the key to expanding your comfort zone this week. Good luck!

Dr Ashlen San Ng

Comfort Zone